Tribes in Parvathipuram Manyam

Tribes in Parvathipuram
Tribe Category Description

Tribe Category Jatapu


Jatapus are primarily residing in forest and hill areas in Vizianagaram district particularly in the Mandals of GLPuram, Kurupam and Komarada.Population of Jatapus is 44%, out of the total tribal population in the district.



Tribe Kondadora


Konda Doras are most of them residing in plain areas. They are living in thatched houses.
These are mainly concentrated in mandals of Saluru, Pachipenta and Makkuva in TSP area, Parvathipuram.
Population of Kondadoras is 24%, out of the total tribal population in the district. Their main occupation is agriculture and also doing fishing activity. Their spoken language is Telugu.



Tribe Savara


Savara community is found inhabiting mainly hill slopes and near hill streams particularly in the mandals of Gummalakshmipuram and Kurupam in Vizianagaram District. Savaras are considered as Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs). Their population is 31983(13% of total ST population in the district).
Literacy rate is very low in this community.



Tribe Gadaba


Gadabas are predominantly found in Saluru, Pachipenta, Jiyammavalasa and Parvathipuram mandals and small number in other plain areas in the district. They live in huts. Their population is 19164 (9.5% of total ST population of the district). Gadabas speak their own dialect called” GADABA”.



Tribe Mannedora

The tribe that has less percentage among tribal community in the district of Vizianagaram is Manne Dora. In the villages of certain plans of the frontier regions of Andhra and Orissa, this tribe is settled and they are very less in number


Tribe Mukhadora

The Mukha Dora’s appear in Vizianagaram district in less percentage. They are one of the ancient Tribal Group living in rural and urban areas. They speak their own language which belongs to Dravidian languages.
The Mukha Dora population numbers just over 40,000, according to the 2001 census, and about 30,000 of them speak Mukha Dora.